This is a strange solstice.

Hooray, it is the solstice! Naming day is always a joyous occasion. As an early present, Da gave me a lovely necklace. The stone is unlike anything that I’ve seen before. It’s beautiful. Anyways, Ma gave me the choice of peeling potatoes, or heading to town early. Of course I decided to go to town. I’ve never understood her joy of peeling potatoes.

I was at the crossroads when something strange happened. Approaching the intersection I saw an ornate carriage turned over in the grass. Someone was moaning, but before I could go to help, this creature-unlike anything that I’d seen before-stepped out of the woods. It was very large, wearing heavy armor and I think it may have been a girl. The little skin that I could see around the head and neck seemed to be scaly. These sound like the lizard folk Da has talked about, but I never imagined they would be so big! I didn’t get a chance to ask questions or anything, as two nasty Goblins appeared.

They attacked the lizard woman and I, and I was surprised that she didn’t turn on me. I’ll be cautious though, an enemy of an enemy of my enemy may currently be a friend, but Da’s told me enough to not trust that. Oh, and of course on top of all this two wolves appeared. I didn’t even know wolves and Goblins were on the same side! We managed to take down one of the Goblins, but it seemed almost futile, when this strange man appeared. I’m not sure how he managed to get to the crossroads, but there he was in a split second. He helped us, but never said a word. Just attacked the wolves and Goblins, and when they were all finished, he disappeared again. Now I’ve heard of magic before, but none of Da’s stories mention anything this powerful.

The man in the carriage turned out to be some sort of craftsman, who had a gift for the Mayor’s daughter with him. The Goblins took it, and ran off. They’re always causing problems. He offered the lizard creature and I 40 gold to get it back. There was plenty of time in the day, so I decided, might as well. I could use a larger birthday present!


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